Westlin’ Winds

10 September 2020
ben walker kirsty merryn

When Ben Walker and Kirsty Merryn announced a joint project earlier this year little did they know it was the last time they would see each other for months on end. The impact of coronavirus on folk music has been huge – a year of cancelled gigs and empty venues, without even the solace of getting together to play. With a handful of demos recorded before lockdown and the future for performing artists uncertain, Ben and Kirsty regretfully put the EP launch and tour for Life and the Land on hold. They spent the time researching, writing, sharing and swapping from home until they could record together again. 

Westlin Winds offers a first taste of the EP, with Spring 2021 dates announced soon – all being well. 

As Kirsty says: ‘Westlin Winds is about that moment at the height of summer where nature overflows with abundance. In our version we wanted to reflect on humanity’s relationship with nature in 2020, how much we take with little regard for the consequences. Life and the Land was always meant to be about celebrating the fruits of a year’s struggle – I’m not sure we realised quite how apt that was going to be! We really wanted to have something to show for harvest time. It’s been frustrating not to be able to tour, we’re so looking forward to playing these songs for people. It’ll be worth the wait.’ 

Ben adds ‘This song is from a Robbie Burns poem he called Song Composed in August – despite our best laid plans that’s when we ended up recording it! The way we’ve done it was inspired by Dick Goughan’s classic version; in the end we kept the arrangement simple and let the lovely song shine through. Hopefully, it’ll give a flavour of how our two styles combine and whets appetites for the rest of the record.’

Westlin Winds will be released on Bandcamp on Friday September 11th on Folkroom Records For press queries or to book a performance in 2021 contact gigs@benwalkermusic.com

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